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“The key to Luna is that she has that unbelievably rare quality of actually not giving a damn what anyone else thinks of her.” - J.K. Rowling


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Ok here's some more (slightly more appropriate). If you could give 15 year old you advice, what would it be? What about 20 year old you? Worst advice anyone gave you? You win a date with _______ (someone remotely famous in any field), who is it? Who would you want to be with in a situation where you got lost/stressed?

Sorry I’m slow to replying, finally cleared my guy and drove home :) These are such great questions! 

Advice to 15 year old me. Be CONFIDENT in yourself and your abilities! Stop underachieving.  It’s okay to be socially awkward with people. Dont worry about not dating girls during high school, college is gonna happen and you’ll have plenty of fun. READ books, learn to play guitar, and who gives a fuck about high school. You’re gonna do so many great things in the next 10 years and you wont believe where you’re gonna take yourself. 

20 year old me: She’s gonna destroy you, and everything you’ve ever come to think of or understand about love. You’re gonna take years to recover, but every ounce of pain and hurt and frustration will be worth it. Oh, and stop wanting to get into law school and become a park ranger sooner so you can do rad shit and get permanent by 25. 

To accept failure and not to do anything about it when life kicks you in the dick. 

I win a date wiiiiiiiiiiith….. JK Rowling I know she just wrote a book about real events that happened int he wizarding world and I want in on that shit!

Les Stroud duh, dude would keep me alive and I’d have to do minimal amount of work. haha

you're getting some good anon questions tonight.

I know! I love it when my anons creep. It’s great! Haha

Biggest sexual fantasy? What do you consider taboo? Tell us about your first time having sex?

Steph for the win! My biggest sexual fantasy is to have sex at the summit of a 14er. I’ve already done it at an alpine lake so clearly the next step up is at a summit!

The whole foot fetish thing is weird to me, I don’t have a problem with feet but I don’t find them sexually appealing either…

The first time is a long story deserving a post of it’s own. It was and is a story I’m proud of though!

Ever been caught masturbating?

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A few close calls. 😉

Most embarrassing sexual experience?

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Haha one time this girl started crying about 5 seconds into it. Little did I know she was cheating on her boyfriend….. Wish my sex was good enough to make her cry… Guess not.

How old are you?

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How often do you masturbate?

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Haha time to lose followers! oh way too often. On the daily.